I am so proud to be able to represent the fine citizens in District 20. I have served my Community, my state and my country. I love the support I have received though out my district. The people here are true American who knows how important it is to conserve our Idaho heritage.  It’s time we stand up together and tell the State and our Country, We are tired of working harder only to have our taxes raised. We are tired of Government regulation standing in the way of our business. We are tired of seeing the dreams of our children  living in a better America vanish. Stand with me this fall and Vote James Holtzclaw for State Representative.  


I believe in Pro Life



Lower Corporate and personal taxes

By lowering the corporate taxes rate, new businesses will move to Idaho.

We must have a simple and understandable tax policy.



I am Pro Education, good school systems are a back bone of the community.  A good school system promotes a great community and economic development.  We need to have less administration positions and more educators in the class room.



We need to Lower tax rate for business.

Provide tax incentives for new hires

I would like to partner with local banks and other investors to create a partnership for new and local businesses to borrow money at a fair interest rate.


Wind Farms

Wind farms are clean and create jobs. I do not support the new companies having an unfair advantage over Idaho Power. I understand Idaho power must buy KWs from this wind farm at a price that does not promote a good business relationship.  Idaho power needs to buy power at a fair rate in order to sell the KWs to their client’s and make money. Idaho power will pass this cost on to their customers.



Veterans have a higher than non-Veterans unemployment rate 12.4. Homeless for Veterans are 3 times the rate of non-veterans. No Veteran should have to worry about being homeless, or jobless.


Public land

No one should be able to sleep on undesignated public land.  This creates an unclean and unsafe environment for people wanting to use the land as designated by the State. Our state lands are for all of us to enjoy.


Natural Gas in Idaho

We should use our resources for the betterment of Idaho and America with limited impact on our environment.


Parks in Idaho

Parks and open spaces promote family values and create memories that last a life time. Recreation in Idaho is a revenue stream that we have not promoted enough.   If we promote the recreation in Idaho we will promote commerce, job growth and provide people with a high quality of life.


Health Care

We must defend our 10th  amendment to the U. S. Constitution.   I will work to nullify any unconstitutional laws the federal Government tries to mandate on the citizens and the state of Idaho.   The federal government should not hold back any funds related to health care, roads, ect because we do not except any unconstitutional mandates.


Natural Gas in Idaho

We should use our natural resources for the betterment of Idaho and for  America . Fracking provides safe, clean energy with limited impact on our environment.  I am in favor of fraking.

  • Holtzclaw for Representative
  • Meridian, ID 83646
  • Local: 208.284.9542
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